There are more bicycles than people in the Netherlands and they account for almost half of all journeys between home and work in the city of Amsterdam alone. It’s small wonder the country proudly calls itself the “unrivalled number one bicycling nation” in the world.

 The number one cycling nation
The number one cycling nationImage: Government of the Netherlands

Being a relatively flat country no doubt helps encourage people to get on their bike. As does the expanse of cycle paths and lanes that keep bikes separate from other traffic. But there is a little-known additional incentive for Dutch people to get on their bike – tax credits.

Every kilometre cycled could earn you an extra $0.22, tax-free, paid straight into your pay packet. This works in much the same way that someone driving their own car for business purposes is able to claim back a fixed sum related to the distance travelled. But the bottom line is that cyclists could be earning money simply by riding to and from work.

The Netherlands isn’t the only country offering financial incentives to get people out of their cars and …

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Top image: Alfredo Borba