Garbage collector Dirk Groot is the new number 1 in the “Sustainable 100”, published by daily newspaper Trouw in the Netherlands. Groot, alias “de Zwerfinator”, is winner of the ‘top from the bottom’, the list of the most important green and sustainable citizen initiatives in the Netherlands. It is the first time that Trouw has published a “top-down”. The “Sustainable 100” was announced during a festival of Trouw and Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam this week.

Groot impresses the jury with his almost scientific analysis of the mess on the street. Since 2014, Groot has been recording everything he finds in an app. He makes reports of the waste streams and bombards companies (MacDonalds and others) and governments with it.

The independent jury judges that the efforts of the Zwerfinator have an influence on policy. Partly due to Groot’s efforts, it has become clear that the introduction of deposit on small plastic bottles and cans is inevitable in the Netherlands. Fast food chain McDonald’s is now …

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